girl, who

a designer, a mama, a former flight coordinator and nut-milker.
an obsessive doodler who can't get enough hot yoga.
i stay busy and inspired - let's collaborate to create something new!
my experience

creative director

I am the master in the art of turning everyday conversations into epic brand adventures complete with remarkable swag to keep igniting the spark.


Wielding the power of design to transform mundane concepts into striking visual stories that captivate and resonate. Bringing colors, typography and layout all together in a symphony of eye-catching awesomeness.

fun curator

Spinning boring into magical, turning every project into a customized playground of innovation and creativity. Mixing excitement, personality and fresh ideas ensuring every detail isn't just seen - it's experienced.

resourceful pivoter

With agile thinking I swiftly turn challenges into opportunties with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of practical magic. My approach ensures that no matter the curveball, the project not only stays on track but also emerges better than imagined.
The Team

the girl

the girl
A girl, THE girl who is wearing all the hats.
girl's bff
Raja is the girl's companion, her muse for positivity. She radiates bright like the Georgia sun bringing a wealth of good vibes.

creating & thriving