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Project Details

ButcherBox sets itself apart by offering high-quality, sustainably sourced proteins that are both delicious and convenient. With a focus on humanely-raised meats, ButcherBox has captivated consumers who've tasted their products and experienced the difference firsthand, encouraging a shift in perception about the quality of food one can expect from a delivery service. This initiative aims to broaden ButcherBox's reach, drawing in new consumers through word-of-mouth marketing strategies that highlight the ease of integrating ButcherBox into daily meal planning and the exceptional taste of their offerings.

Word-of-mouth marketing  plays a crucial role in this endeavor, creating engaging and memorable moments that foster authentic conversations among consumers. These interactions occur between ButcherBox Market Managers and potential customers, as well as within communities and social circles, allowing the personal stories and benefits of ButcherBox to naturally integrate into discussions. By positioning ButcherBox at events and gatherings such as athletic conferences and local markets, the program leverages real-life experiences and chef-led demonstrations to transform curiosity into loyalty, making the ButcherBox story a part of consumer conversations and enhancing brand visibility.

To effectively amplify the ButcherBox narrative and ensure it resonates with the right audience, various creative activations are planned. These include tailgate parties with branded setups, grilling sessions to sample meats, and unique engagements like covering salon services to demonstrate time savings. Additionally, initiatives tailored to specific groups, such as cooking classes for fathers or partnerships with fitness classes, highlight the brand’s relevance to everyday life. These efforts aim to build a strong community of advocates who appreciate ButcherBox's commitment to quality and convenience, driving growth through increased brand loyalty and customer engagement.

This was pitch/concept work and not active in-field.

Digital Advertising


Create more awareness and opportunities for the ButcherBox experience – see the variety, taste the proteins, and learn why they’re so deliciously different. Design moments to create conversation about the ButcherBox brand and connect our audience to brand story elements that turns trial into loyalty


To tackle this, ButcherBox launched a robust word-of-mouth marketing campaign that utilized engaging, real-world interactions and live demonstrations at events to educate consumers about their products. The campaign focused on creating authentic moments and conversations through various activations, including tailgates, cooking classes, and partnerships with local events to showcase the convenience and quality of ButcherBox meats.


The outcome was a significant increase in brand loyalty and customer engagement, as consumers who experienced ButcherBox firsthand became strong advocates for the brand. These efforts not only expanded ButcherBox’s customer base but also reinforced the brand's reputation for providing high-quality, convenient meal solutions that resonate with modern lifestyles and values.

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