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Project Details

Fizz, a word-of-mouth marketing agency, specializes in identifying the customers and potential customers who are most likely to talk about your brand, and then use creative tactics to encourage more communication between these “advocates” and members of their networks.

From conceptualizing to execution, each project tells the story of how creative vision can breathe life into a brand, making it resonate with its audience on a personal level. Under my creative direction work was created that highlights innovative word-of-mouth marketing strategies, including custom neon signs, unique business cards, kinetic type videos, illustrated bios, and interactive marketing tools. It showcases a comprehensive approach to engaging and expanding audience reach, utilizing both digital and physical mediums to visualize marketing processes and enhance brand growth.

Another notable project that I designed and directed was the creation of a tool to show the geographical potential reach of word-of-mouth marketing programs to potential clients. This project included the hiring and managing of a developer to execute the project to a working product. It can be viewed here.

creative direction


Amplify brand communication by leveraging the most influential voices among customers and their networks, transforming them into active advocates who would authentically spread the word about the brand.


Under my creative direction, we deployed a range of innovative tactics like custom vehicles, unique business cards, engaging physical footprints, interesting giveaways, and interactive marketing tools. These creative elements were meticulously crafted to engage advocates and facilitate meaningful conversations across both digital and physical platforms.


Vibrant, interactive campaigns that not only boosted brand visibility but also tangibly expanded its reach. The geographical potential reach tool, a standout project I designed and directed, was particularly effective in demonstrating to clients the expansive impact of word-of-mouth strategies, showcasing our ability to blend creative vision with technical execution.

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