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Project Details

Stuckey's, a cherished icon of American roadside culture, recognized the need for a brand revitalization to capture the interest of younger audiences while honoring its rich history. As part of the revitalization effort led by CEO Stephanie Stuckey, I was tasked with overhauling their social media presence and enhancing physical branding elements to reconnect with both loyal patrons and new customers.

The core of my strategy involved creating a dynamic social media plan for Stephanie that focused on sharing behind-the-scenes content, family history, and nostalgic memories of Stuckey's. To facilitate this, I developed a set of physical content cards that Stephanie could easily use while traveling, ensuring a steady stream of engaging content. Additionally, I transformed customer feedback into visual collages, amplifying their voices and reinforcing the community-centric nature of the brand.

Physical branding also received a fresh update; from truck wraps that featured a fun and educational word cloud about Stuckey's history to festive staff t-shirts designed to boost morale and create a unified brand experience during the holiday season. Each truck also displayed a QR code, guiding observers to Stuckey’s online store, further bridging the gap between physical and digital interactions.

A particularly unique element of our campaign was the creation and promotion of a pecan emoji, celebrating Stuckey’s signature product. This initiative not only engaged a broad audience but also placed Stuckey's at the forefront of cultural conversations, awaiting approval from Unicode to make the pecan emoji a new digital symbol.



Stuckey's, once a beloved roadside staple known for its pecan log rolls and distinctive Southern charm, faced the challenge of fading relevance in a modern market. The goal was to rejuvenate the brand and attract a new generation of consumers while reconnecting with its nostalgic past. The brand needed a fresh approach to engage younger audiences and expand its digital presence effectively.


As part of the revitalization effort, I developed a comprehensive social media strategy for Stuckey’s CEO, Stephanie Stuckey, focused on humanizing the brand and showcasing its rich heritage. This included creating a series of physical content cards and carriers for Stephanie to use on the road, ensuring she had constant inspiration for engaging and authentic content. Additionally, I leveraged customer interactions by crafting collages from fan photos to enhance community feel and acknowledgment. The strategy extended to redesigning physical branding elements such as truck wraps with QR codes and fun, historical word clouds, festive t-shirts for staff and customers, and new swag emphasizing Stuckey’s road trip nostalgia and famous pecan candies.


The strategic updates and new social media content significantly increased engagement with both new and existing customers, bringing a refreshed energy to the brand. The truck wraps and QR codes made Stuckey's history and online shopping options more visible, enhancing customer interaction and online sales. The Christmas t-shirts and new swag items reinforced the brand's family-oriented image and boosted internal morale. Most notably, our campaign to create and promote a pecan emoji captured the public's imagination, leading to a successful petition submission to Unicode for its inclusion, symbolizing the brand's renewed cultural relevance. Awaiting approval from Unicode, this initiative has already garnered significant media attention and public support, further positioning Stuckey's as a revitalized brand ready for a new era.

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