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Project Details

Lululemon, aiming to enhance unaided brand awareness and attract new customers during the holiday season,  launched an innovative campaign focused on last-minute gifting. The strategy centered on mobile activations in Atlanta and San Francisco, targeting high-traffic areas without existing physical stores. The goal was to introduce new customers to lululemon’s brand ethos and products through a festive, visually engaging experience.

To bring the holiday spirit directly to potential customers, I designed mobile food truck activations, transforming them into eye-catching, gift-wrapped delights complete with oversized gold bows and ribbons. These trucks doubled as mobile showcases for lululemon's holiday key look products, making them tangible and insta-worthy. By partnering with local food trucks and offering complimentary coffee, we engaged visitors further, with each cup carrying a QR code that led to lululemon’s mobile shopping options. The design was meticulously based on lululemon’s existing creative concepts, ensuring brand consistency while creating a buzz.



lululemon sought to increase unaided awareness and attract new customers, during the holiday season. The brand aimed to promote its Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) service as a convenient last-minute gifting option. Targeting two key cities, Atlanta and San Francisco, the challenge was to create a holiday campaign that could engage a broad audience in areas without a physical lululemon store presence and inspire purchases of key seasonal styles.


To address this, I designed a mobile food truck activation designed to deliver holiday cheer and last-minute gifting messages. The trucks, transformed into giant, gift-wrapped presents with oversized gold bows, served as mobile showcases for lululemon's holiday collections. We partnered with local food trucks to integrate the community feel and provided complimentary coffee with QR codes on the cups and sleeves, directing customers to lululemon’s mobile shopping options. The design leveraged lululemon's existing creative assets, ensuring brand consistency while creating engaging, Instagram-worthy experiences.


Unfortunately this project's events were cancelled shortly after the creative was approved. Unexpectedly, the budget to execute this project in the Atlanta and San Francisco markets was allocated to other efforts for Q4 and this activation was not executed.

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