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Project Details

A special program was created called Chipotle Training Table to raise awareness among athletes of the nutritional benefit and convenience of making Chipotle their go-to meal. This program educated coaches and parents club about the ease of ordering Chipotle for away game meals and fundraising opportunities for their teams.

Chipotle participated in various athletic conferences to remind coaches that their food is made of real ingredients and is a good choice for fuel for their athletes.

Large banners were used to share key messaging from a distance at large scale events. COVID-19 got in the way of the Training Table team visits and participation in large scale events and conferences so we started making videos to reach the athletes. Some of these videos were interviews and some were the host to team's senior nights. Take a look here.



Facing nutritional deficiencies due to limited budgets, a lack of specialized nutrition staff, and a gap in nutritional knowledge, Division III student athletes struggled to perform optimally.


To address this, we launched the Chipotle Training Table program, an initiative designed to educate athletes, coaches, and parents about the nutritional benefits and convenience of choosing Chipotle for team meals. The program highlighted easy ordering for away games and fundraising opportunities, reinforcing the value of real, wholesome ingredients in athlete diets.


The impact of the program was initially demonstrated through physical presence at athletic conferences and large-scale events with engaging banners. However, the onset of COVID-19 shifted our strategy towards digital engagement. We adapted by creating dynamic video content, including interviews and features at team senior nights, ensuring sustained communication and support for athletes' nutritional needs despite the pandemic.

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