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Project Details

Aging pipes and crumbling infrastructure could lead to possible tap water contamination. The tap water in your area could be full of harmful bacteria and contaminants. Characters were created to represent five of the most common contaminants found in household tap water to elevate the public awareness about the potential dangers lurking in their faucets.

This initiative masterfully utilized storytelling and visual design to highlight the importance of choosing safer water consumption options, engaging the audience with relatable characters that represented tap water contaminants. The project not only educated the public but also positioned Primo Water as a preferable alternative, showcasing the power of design in driving meaningful conversations about health and wellness. View them in action here.

These characters were used to design a water truck that popped up at different community events provoking interest and attention, causing consumers to ask questions about the quirky characters, making the story memorable and easy to share. Informational cards, stickers and hats were created as giveaways to serve as a reminder to check tap water at home and to put more thought into the water you are consuming to promote your overall health.

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The goal was to raise public awareness about the risks of unregulated contaminants in tap water due to aging infrastructure, emphasizing the potential health hazards posed by everyday tap water consumption.


We tackled this challenge through an innovative approach by creating characters that personified the five most common tap water contaminants. These characters were central to a compelling storytelling and visual design campaign, effectively communicating the hidden dangers in tap water and promoting safer consumption choices.


The result was a striking increase in public engagement and awareness. The water truck, adorned with these character designs, became a focal point at community events, sparking curiosity and conversation. The campaign was complemented by giveaways like informational cards, stickers, and hats, encouraging people to reconsider their water choices and prioritize health, thereby enhancing Primo Water’s position as a trusted alternative for safer water consumption.

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