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Project Details

Tommy John underwear was founded to fix this problem, creating underwear that were made to hold men's ... stuff... in place and comfortable throughout their day - eliminating the need to keep adjusting. However, most men seemed to be unaware that the rest of us are noticing their adjustments so we decided to help clue them in.

Men have different 'moves' they use to attempt to disguise their public adjustment.  We identified and named the different adjustments we commonly see used through some illustrations. We used these illustrations to fill up a bingo card to be used at a bachelorette party or fun, people watching lunch date between close friends.

Who better to educate on the solution to this problem then the very people buying the underwear - their wives, moms and girlfriends.



Tommy John identified a common yet often unspoken issue among men: the need for frequent, uncomfortable adjustments due to poorly fitting underwear. Despite this being a noticeable issue in public, many men were unaware of the social implications of their adjusting behaviors.


To address this and raise awareness in a lighthearted way, Tommy John created a campaign that involved illustrating various discreet "moves" men use to adjust their underwear. These illustrations were then featured on bingo cards designed for bachelorette parties and casual gatherings, turning an awkward topic into a fun activity that educates potential underwear buyers—wives, moms, and girlfriends—about a more comfortable alternative.


The campaign not only informed and entertained but also effectively communicated the benefits of Tommy John’s well-designed underwear, leading to increased engagement and interest from women purchasers. This creative approach served to educate the key buyers about the comfort and stability Tommy John underwear offers, potentially increasing sales and reducing the public adjustments by men.

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